Tax Services

     We Provide Tax Services For Any Tax Issue You May Have, Specializing in International, Complex Partnership and Other Choice of Entity Related Problems. Most Often, I Can Save You Money With Tax Planning and Restructuring For Your Business. Most Business Owners Have Errors on Their Business Tax Returns. Our Rates Are Low and We Never Charge For Phone Consultations. My Contacts Will Tell You That a Simple Phone Call Can Save You Money.

International Taxation

     International taxation is probably one of the most confusing regimes in taxation, where mistakes can be very costly to a client. Most often, these mistakes are not discovered until the IRS imposes sanctions against a taxpayer, which is often too late to make the required amendments, because most elections in international taxation must be filed timely.
      A good example would be the election to treat rental property owned by foreign individuals as “effectively connected” to a US trade of business (Read More). Without making this timely election, the foreign party may not deduct rental expenses to offset the rental income and they may not retroactively make the election years later when the taxpayers are faced with a large assessment that often results in seizure of the property.
      If you are a law firm representing international clients, the need for multiple year tax filings is a very common service your clients will need, It is imperative for the accountant filing these returns to be an expert in international taxation, to have the work done right the first time.
      If you have left the US and are living abroad, or are planning to become an expatriate in the future, be aware of the new tax law changes under the HEART Act, affecting your US tax liabilities. If you are considered a “covered expatriate” under the law, a new exit tax along with taxes on distributions from trusts and to US beneficiaries can generate new tax liabilities.

Letter Rulings

Once in a while, a tax preparer may make a mistake that can have serious consequences on the continued existence of the entity that invoke penalties that may seem inescapable. It is possible, sometimes, to ask for forgiveness in the form of a "Private Letter Ruling" with the IRS. Accordingly, you pay a fee to receive a protective IRS letter that applies only to you.